17 May


You ever have that moment in your life where you felt like shouting to the heavens, ‘WHAT IS MY LIFE REALLY ALL ABOUT’, who am I, why am I here, where did I come from, what am I supposed to be doing and where do I go after I leave this life?

You ever wonder why our life is cloaked in such a mystery? You ever wonder why no one has your answers for you or if they say they do, their answers come from an unverifiable source and the mystery seems to get even more entangled. You ever hear the phrase, ‘Your Answers Are Within You’. Isn’t that just great !!

Well, let me share with you my experience in finding my answers. First of all, the answers were really hidden. I wondered what morbid purpose that served and what morbid person would do that. I mean, I had to really work to find some of them, and I’m still looking for the rest of them. I often thought I’d like to meet this person who hid those answers so well and give him/her a piece of my mind. Then one day I got my wish and did get to meet that infamous person, in my bathroom, in the mirror. You should have seen the expression on our faces. All I could keep saying was, ‘YOU’. The mirror image just kept smiling back saying, ‘GOOD JOB’.

Well, you’re probably wondering by now what this has to do with Astrology. Not a whole lot. However, Astrology was just one of many keys that helped me unlock those answers for the questions I had. Actually, Astrology gave me a rough ‘Big Picture’ of my potential self. More to the point, Astrology gave me a signature or, better yet, an imprint of my potential self. I say potential self because I found a large part of myself living out of harmony with my imprint.

It took me awhile to come to terms with the concept of Astrology. At this point the only analogy I can think of that helped me over is DNA. Can you believe that? To me DNA is not really understood, yet seems to provide a physical imprint of the physical form we ride around in. Astrology is the nonphysical imprint of my nonphysical self. Neither one can be explained as to why, but the results are fairly accurate.

Therefore, for me and many others, Astrology has given us insight as to potentially who we are. Also additional insight as to how close we’re living within our potential.

In other words, the parts of me that are in harmony with my imprint bring me happiness and peace. The parts of me that are not in harmony with my imprint have been my pain and suffering, which has also been good overall, however, the mystery of why am I suffering is now more clear to me and the solutions are more understandable, not necessarily easy, just more understandable because I’ve got an idea where I need to go or what I need to do.

Astrology is one option to help you understand what your life is really all about. If you elect to try this form of information you may want to grab a hold of something because the change of direction may give you the ride of your life. No longer do you have to ask someone else who you are. Besides most of them don’t know who they are, so how in the world do you expect them to help you.

And, for me, let’s talk about the Biggie, Children. Wouldn’t it have been nice to receive a complete operation and information manual about each child and what their potentials are. Can you imagine working with your child knowing what choices you should make in raising them to their full potential. If only I had this information when raising my six children. I can’t remember how many times that I thought I was doing the right thing only to have it cause more problems for one or more of my children, simply because I was winging it, using erroneous information on general child behavior.

Astrology and the information it provides has been around for thousands of years. Only a small portion of the population has ever had the benefit of this information. Maybe, because they had the courage to step beyond the general consensus of the population.

One last point, Astrology does not categorize us into just twelve different personalities. Actually, there are 12 signs, ten planets, twelve houses, nine potential aspects, six positions, and six other bodies of influence. Some astrological methods may have more or less. This comes to about 466,560 possibilities, then consider the in and out of harmony factor, 933,120, now add up all the culture differences riding on top of all this. There’s more but this should start making the point that Astrology is much more than meets the eye. Why do you think King’s, Presidents, Other Leaders, Corporations, Etc. use this information as quitely as possible. It works for them.

Now it’s your turn to see what they already know.

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